Board Game Studies Colloquiums

In 1990 Irving Finkel, curator and archaeologist for The British Museum, hosted a symposium on the Studies of Board Games. This encouraged the regular gathering of minds, starting in 1995 first on a biennial basis, and since 2001 every year. Today this meeting is known as the Board Game Studies Colloquium and, in 2019 will have its 22nd meeting in Bologna. 

It is so far that the only recurring event devoted solely to the study of non-digital games hosted at various venues throughout the world. The Colloquium gathers a wide range of multidisciplinar scholars, curators, inventors, collectors and enthusiasts from all around. They present and discuss new research in the growing field of game studies. The focus has traditionally been on historical board, card, and dice games, but later years have begun to feel the impact from the current explosion in non-digital gaming. 

List of previous COlloquiums

  • 2018 Athens, Greece
  • 2017 Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 2016 Nürnberg, Germany
  • 2015 La Tour de Peilz, Switzerland
  • 2014 Ipswich, Suffolk
  • 2013 Ponta Delgaa, Portugal
  • 2012 Munich, Germany
  • 2011 Bruges, Belgium
  • 2010 Paris, France
  • 2009 Jerusalem, Israel
  • 2008 Lisbon, Portugal
  • 2007 St Pölten, Austria
  • 2006 Ouro Preto, Brazil
  • 2005 Oxford, UK
  • 2004 Philadelphia, PA, USA
  • 2003 Marburg, Germany
  • 2002 Barcelona, Spain
  • 2001 Fribourg, Switzerland
  • 1999 Florence, Italy
  • 1997 Leiden, The Netherlands
  • 1995 Leiden, The Netherlands

Edition 2018 - Athens

Edition 2017 - Copenhagen