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Some suggestions if you want to stay in Italy some day more...

The Madonna di San Luca Sanctuary

On the hills behind the city rise the comlex of San Luca, one of the most important religious buildings of Bologna. The view that you can experiece from the top of the hill is breathtaking, and the nature around makes everything more enjoable.

Is possible to reach the Sanctuary by bus or by walk from the city center in around 1h, thanks to a porticoed sidewalks which has been built during the XVII century thanks to the famous "Passamano di San Luca": the citizens formed a long line of people that proceeded from the city to the top of the hill and passed hand by hand the material needed for the construction.

The Porticato di San Luca follow the conformation of the soil and so it can easily be seen as a long stone snake, which has been designed to have 666 arches, and so the whole complex of the Sanctuary and it's Portico is a monumental rappresentation of the Holy Virgin that rushing the serpent's head.



It is the first city founded by the Romans, except of Rome, and layed at the beginning of the Via Emilia, that cross the Italian plain untill Piacenza.

Is in the country around Rimini that Caesar crossed the Rubicon and, according to the tradition, gave his last speech to the troops to explain them the reason why the senate proclamed him an "Enemy of Rome".

The town of Rimini show many roman remains, but don't lack of evidences of later periods.

San Marino

it's formally outside of our national borders, but the State of San Marino could be a very interesting place to visit. It is positioned in the inland, right in front of Rimini.


Modena is one of the most important city for the Italian cuisine, so if you want to taste some traditional Italian speciality like the Parmesan, or the Culatello, or the famous Vineager of Modena, you should definitively come here.

Anyway, is also an ancient roman city that crossed centuries of history, and you may find many interesting buildings and sites.