Organizing Committee

Tiago Hirth

University of Lisboa -Ph.D. Studenr at the Departent of History and Philosophy of Science


Tiago has helped organizing several colloquia and is happy to be part of the BGS community.


Ph.D. Luca Ferrari

University of Bologna - Department of Education


Luca is a researcher at the Dep. of Education of the University of Bologna, involved into Media Education studies and accessibility.

Ph.D.  Fatih O. Parlak

University of Barcellona - Faculty


Fatih studies the representation of  turkish in the printings of the european rennaissance, with main interest into illustrated board games.

Ph.D. Lisa Rougetet

Université de Bretagne Occidentale


Lisa is deeply involved into recreational mathematics and it's history.

Virginie Tacq

Haute Ecole de Bruxelles


Virginie is a game designer and give courses at the Haute Ecole de Bruxelles about games and their social and cultural implications.

Marco Tibaldini

Clio '92 - Italian association of History Teachers


Marco lead a research project on behalf of Clio '92 about the use of ancient board games in history teaching.

Scientific Comittee

Jorge Nuno Silva

University of Lisbon


Jorge Nuno Silva teachs mathematics at the University of Lisbon, but his contribution to Game Studies is not limited to this field.

Eddie Duggan

University of Suffolk


Eddie Duggan is a senior Lecturer of the University of Suffolk, deeply interested into ancient boarg games.

Alex De Voogt

National Museum of Natural History


Alex De Voogt is an assistand curator of african etnology, interested into Mancala games.

Ulrich Schädler

Musée Suisse du Jeu


Ulrich Schädler is the director of the Swiss Museum of Games.

Thierry Depaulis

President of the International Playing Cards Society.
Depaulis studies playing cards and board games for long and currently is considered one of the greatest experts.

Cosimo Cardellicchio

CNR and University of Bari
Cosimo is a member of the Board Game Studies Colloquium since the 90’s.