Salutation of Pr. Ivo Mattozzi

President at Clio '92 - italian association of history teachers

Dear attendees of the XXII BGS colloquium,
because of the success of the event, the quality of the papers and the following discussions, and for the pleasure of sharing the beauty of Bologna,  as president of Clio ' 92 I feel lucky and happy.


I apologize with you for having attended all the sessions. I missed the opportunity to learn so much in terms of knowledge, ideas, and methods to use games as educational tools. But above all, I regret for not having played with you at the Tarocchino. I would have had a lot of fun, because board games, city games, card games have played a great role in my childhood and in a great part of my life.


I hope to read soon your papers in the proceedings, and also in Italian, so that the teachers of Clio'92 could study them.


The community of Clio '92 is proud to have given a contribution to a such extraordinary and successful event as the BGS Colloquium. I wish all of you to enjoyed the beauties of Italy and had a good and safe trip.


With so much gratitude and friendship,

Ivo Mattozzi