A warm salutation by Niek Neuwahl

Organizer of the first BGS Colloquium in Italy

I'm happy, very happy, and I'm not so happy.

I'm happy, very happy, that now in 2019, after the Colloquium I had the pleasure to organise in Florence in 1999, the BGS-Colloquium takes place for the second time in Italy.

I'm happy, very happy, that my proposal made in Leiden after the second Colloquium, to try to organize every two years another place to meet, has been successful. I think that also for that reason the Colloquiums gained in variation and therefore in interest – in fact, the colloquiums are now every year and not, as in the beginning, every two years.

I'm happy, very happy, that the opening speech in Florence, 1999, was held by the unforgotten maestro of the games inventors, Alex Randolph – widening in this best of all possible ways the circle of partecipants also to the world of games inventors and the world of nowadays games production.

I'm not so happy that the results of an awkward eye-operation, undergone in 2017, limit my activity and make it impossible for me to attend the Colloquium in Bologna.

But I'm happy, very happy, to send my greetings to all my friends and to wish you all a wonderful 2019-Bologna-BGS-Colloquium!

Niek Neuwahl