Practical Information

How to reach Bologna

You may choose between 8 airports and even if the most comfortable solution would be to land in Bologna, not all the flying companies can bring you directly there. So may be easier to reach other destination with a direct fly and then reach Bologna via train rather than change many planes. 


From Milano Central Station you can reach Bologna in 1-3h, per 10-30 €.
From Parma: 1h, per 7-16€
From Firenze: 0,5-1,5h, per 10-30€
From Rimini: 1-1,5h, per 10-20€
From Verona: 1-2h, per 10-40€.
From Bergamo via Milan: 3-4h, per 18-30€
Additional information will be given at the act of registration, with specifical indications according to the city of landing.

Move in Italy

Italian Railway Network

Railway Network of the Northern Italy

Fast train Italo

Move in Bologna


The urban set of Bologna is the result of centuries of layered civilizations that moved by walk, so the city is very enjoable in this sense. Almost all the streets of the city center have porticoed sidewalks and even in a rainy day you could browse the city without using your umbrella.

The public transports too cover the whole area of the city center and you can download here the map of the busses.


Bologna Bus Map.pdf
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Bologna offers a wide range of accomodations, from spartan B&B to luxury hotels.

Anyway within the next year we will provide on this page a list of conventioned structure to help you with you choice.

Where to eat






There are many restaurants close by. We'll shortly give you a selection of places.

In Bolgona you may find a restaurant every 50m.

The venue





The Board Game Studies Colloquium 2019 will be hosted by the Department of Education of the University of Bologna, which lay in Via Filippo Re, 4.

The building dates to 1924 and originally hosted teachings related to agriculture (biology, plant pathology and bacteriology), entomology and arboriculture.

On the provisional basis, the teachings of economics and agrarianism were also established.

The colloquium Excursion





Will be organized a Colloquium Excursion in a location connected to the main topic of the conference. In addition we will visit also the historical buildings of the University of Bologna like the Archigymnasium and the anatomical theater.

Colloquium Dinner






Bologna is the homeland of many dishese renamed ion the whole world like the Bolognese Sauce or the Tortellini, so... Prepare for a Colloquium dinner in the tipical Italian style!







Accessbility is one of the aspects that we care most. If you need some facilities, please, add it into the submission format.