Practical Information

How to reach Bologna

You may choose between 8 airports and even if the most comfortable solution would be to land in Bologna, not all the flying companies can bring you directly there. So may be easier to reach other destination with a direct fly and then reach Bologna via train rather than change many planes. 


From Milano Central Station you can reach Bologna in 1-3h, per 10-30 €.
From Parma: 1h, per 7-16€
From Firenze: 0,5-1,5h, per 10-30€
From Rimini: 1-1,5h, per 10-20€
From Verona: 1-2h, per 10-40€.
From Bergamo via Milan: 3-4h, per 18-30€
Via train, Bologna is directly connected with Munchen HBF.

Move in Italy

Italian Railway Network

Railway Network of the Northern Italy

Fast train Italo

Move in Bologna


The urban set of Bologna is the result of centuries of layered civilisations that moved by walk, so the city is very enjoyable in this sense. Almost all the streets of the city centre have porticoes sidewalks and even in a rainy day you could browse the city without using your umbrella.

The public transports too cover the whole area of the city centre and you can download here the map of the busses.


Bologna Bus Map.pdf
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Bologna offers a wide range of accommodations, from spartan B&B to luxury hotels.

Unfortunately we couldn't deal with them since the major italian bicycle competition will start from Bologna exaclty the day after the end of the Colloquium. Many hotels has already been booked by racing teams, journalists and supporters.

We invite you to book as soon as possibile your accomodation on:




Albergo San Vitale: average cost for a double room €100

Monastery fo San Tommaso


Where to eat



We deal with the University canteen, which could provide us a couple of place very cheap and close to the conference venue.



If you prefer to find other solutions,  there are many restaurants close by, since in Bologna you may reserve a table at:


Trattoria Da Vito

Trattoria-Pizzeria Belle Arti

The venue





The Board Game Studies Colloquium 2019 will be hosted by the Department of Education of the University of Bologna, which lay in Via Filippo Re, 6.

The building dates to 1924 and originally hosted teachings related to agriculture (biology, plant pathology and bacteriology), entomology and agriculture.

On the provisional basis, the teachings of economics and agrarianism were also established.

The colloquium Excursion

 This year the colloquium excursion will be in Bologna, since the city has much to offer in terms of arts and culture. We will split into smaller groups and will visit by walk all the most interesting parts of the town. Among them:


The Asinelli Tower: the ascension to the tower is included, but are almost 500 steps...

Basilica of Santo Stefano

Piazza Maggiore

Basilica of San Petronio


The guided tour will be by walk, but if you want you may also rent a bike, specifying it in the Inscription format or sending us an email at


Colloquium Dinner


Bologna is the homeland of many dishes renamed ion the whole world like the Bolognese Sauce or the Tortellini, so... Prepare for a Colloquium dinner in the typical Italian style!


The dinner will take place at the Restaurant Osteria al 15  and the cost is €40 per person.


In the registration format is possibile to specify if you have some particular need.







Accessibility is one of the aspects that we care most.

If you need some facilities, please, add it into the submission format, or write us at

Giro D'Italia





The Giro d'Italia, is the most important Italian bicycle race and will start from Bologna on the 11th of May, the day after the Colloquium's end.

The first stage that start the competition will be Bologna-Bologna San Luca, with just 8,2 km of length. 

If you are interested into bicycle race, you may forecast to stay 1 day more in Bologna to enjoy the way the Italians live one of the most beloved sports.