Board Game Studies Colloquium XXII

The Italian legacy in the field of gaming culture and game studies is vast. Many of our local and traditional games have their roots in the distant past, having been played for centuries with a limited degree of variation. Even before the Roman era, history had left its mark in our gaming culture, preserving and innovating, as well as erasing, existing gaming practices.


The current configuration of Italian gaming traditions is the result of a long process of evolution, stratification, exchange and contamination. The annual Board Game Studies Colloquium provides a forum for scholars from many different countries. One of the aims of this year’s event is to present Italy’s ludic heritage to the international Board Game Studies association whilst also facilitating access for Italian game scholars to the Board Game Studies network and its knowledge community.


The annual Board Game Studies colloquium is an interdisciplinary forum for scholars from many different fields and disciplines. This convergence allows game studies to be approached from multiple points of view: the research findings and knowledge disseminated in past colloquia have embraced archaeological evidence, cross-cultural connections, mathematical, psychological and social implications of past and present gaming practices. This year, as we reconvene and invite participants in the broad, multi-disciplinary, Board Game Studies community to assemble in Italy, we are giving a particular focus to educational aspects of board games. Our venue, the University Alma Mater of Bologna, with its pre-eminent role in Italian academia as a leading research centre, as well as having the distinction of being the oldest university in Europe, is an eminently suitable location for the Twenty Second Board Game Studies Colloquium.


We invite delegates to celebrate once more the human inclination to play and to partake of our diversity in implementing and understanding it.


The Organizers





Salutation of pr. Ivo Mattozzi,

President at Clio '92

Dear attendees of the XXII BGS colloquium, because of the success of the event, the quality of the papers and the following discussions [...]  continue->



Salutation of Niek Neuwahl,

organizer of the first BGS Colloquium in Italy

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Program &  Booklet of Abstract

All the topics which has been discussed during the conference.



Rules of the Tarocchino Bolognese

The most peculiar legacy of Bologna in the field of Games. 


The organization of the XXII Colloquium

Partners, Organizing Committee and Scientific Committee of the XXII Board Game Studies Colloquium.